2023 MCO Keynote

Keynote Presentation Overview

MCO is Pleased to Announce this Years Keynote Speaker:
Lance Eaton, Director of Digital Pedagogy at College Unbound

Lance is the Director of Digital Pedagogy at College Unbound, a part-time instructor at North Shore Community College, and a Ph.D. student at the University of Massachusetts, Boston with a dissertation that is focusing on how scholars engage in academic piracy.

Lance has given talks, written about, and presented at conferences on artificial intelligence generative tools in education, academic piracy, open access, OER, open pedagogy, hybrid flexible learning, and digital service learning.

His musings, reflections, and ramblings can be found on his blog, By Any Other Nerd Blog Link as well as on Twitter: @leaton01

Lance recently taught a course on AI and education with students to develop usage policies for College Unbound.

He has recently given talks and workshops in Generative AI:
·  Institutional Policy Development for AI Generative Tools in Teaching and Learning (NERCOMP; March 2023)
·  ChatGPT, AI Generative Tools and Your Career: Parallels, Possibilities, and Problems (Rhode Island Career Development Association; February 2022)
·  The Future’s Already Here: AI Generative Tools and Teaching (NERCOMP; Feb 2023).

His work on generative AI policy development with students was recently featured in the Chronicle of Higher Ed (March 2023),Teaching: What You Can Learn From Students About ChatGPT https://www.chronicle.com/newsletter/teaching/2023-03-30

Contact Information

Twitter: @leaton01