2017 – Cape Cod Community College

Institution URL: https://www.capecod.edu/

Instructor: Ifeoluwa Togun
Course: PSY101 Introduction to Psychology
Semesters Offered: 5
Course Format: Blended

Course Description: Ife Togun will be presenting his work in the discipline of Psychology where he has implemented Open Education Resource (OER) textbooks, Top Hat (a web-based teaching and student response platform) and Moodle to both reduce the cost of textbooks and enhance student learning. The textbook was free of charge to students as a PDF.  For the students who preferred traditional textbooks, they had the option of purchasing a bound copy through the bookstore for just $25. Additionally, students who did not have a device could purchase a $50 tablet that allowed them to engage in virtual discussions with their classmates and participate in real-time concept-check questions peppered throughout Dr. Togun’s lectures.    Students saw an average savings of over $200 for a textbook. Beyond the textbook savings, Professor Togun turned his classroom into a dynamic, interactive, and responsive learning environment engaging students at every moment and recognizing student learning in real-time.

Campus Liaison: Yvette Raven