2017 – Holyoke Community College

Institution URL: http://www.hcc.edu/

Instructor: Juan Burwell
Course: Introduction to Astronomy
Semesters Offered: 2
Course Format: Online

Course Description: AST 110 Introduction to Astronomy This course offers students the opportunity to take a lecture/lab combined course online. Professor Burwell has created visually captivating interactive videos to present galaxies, quasars, black holes and more. Students are introduced to the methods and tools of astronomical research and, in groups, utilize Google docs to co-create lab reports. This demanding and engaging course is overall beautifully designed, providing students with a dynamic learning experience.

Instructor: Eileen Kelley
Course: Grammar 4
Semesters Offered: 8
Course Format: Blended

Course Description: ESL 170 Grammar 4 This course teaches English grammar structures appropriate to high-intermediate learners of English. Professor Kelley uses multi-media and humor to present grammar and online discussions for students to employ and experiment with new grammar structures in a safe and instructive environment. This course has been blended since 2012 and continues to evolve with each iteration, proving that the online learning can be an effective means of language learning.

Campus Liaison: Karen Moyano-Camihort