2017 – Middlesex Community College

Institution URL: https://www.middlesex.mass.edu/

Instructor: Jennifer Bauer
Course: Film Video and Society
Semesters Offered: 4
Course Format: 

Course Description: Jen Bauer’s Film Video & Society online class challenges students to think critically about decisions filmmakers make and techniques they use to create explicit and implicit meanings and how films reflect the values and beliefs of the times and culture that they come from. With a strong emphasis on active learning techniques, online discussion, and streaming video Professor Bauer’s class stands out as an example of what an online class can be!

Instructor: Sarah Quast
Course: General Chemistry for Engineering and Science
Semesters Offered:
Course Format: 

Course Description: Sally Quast’s hybrid General Chemistry class is an excellent example of a course designed to facilitate learning for a diverse group of students. Sally has designed a class which is comprehensive and provides clear guidelines for students. Students in the class are both challenged and supported. The mix of pedagogical techniques and diversity of resources make this a stellar example of a hybrid course! Sally cares deeply about facilitating all student’s learning and this class clearly demonstrates that.

Campus Liaison: Nancy Curl