2017 – Northern Essex Community College

Institution URL: http://www.necc.mass.edu/

Instructor: Kevin Fleese
Course: American Sign Language Linguistics
Semesters Offered: 10
Course Format: 

Course Description: The course is exemplary in use of interactive modules designed to demonstrate the studying and analyzing of American Sign Language. There are approximately 35 million people who use American Sign Language in North America, including Canada. The interactive modules include video tutorials that allow students access to “close-up” parts of sign language and its meaning and how the language evolves over time since ASL began in 1817. Professor Fleese incorporates the video lectures using sign language with the audio.

Instructor: Sheila Kane
Course: Personal Health and Wellness
Semesters Offered: 2
Course Format: 

Course Description: This course incorporates best practices for online course design based on the Quality Matters rubric. Prof. Kane focuses on learner preparedness by using a consistent navigation structure and clear instructions. Students receive a welcome video before the class begins. An interactive syllabus includes practice questions and a graded quiz. Weekly narrated lectures are short, searchable, and broken up with key questions.  Students learn about health by using interactive online tools to evaluate their own health behaviors. SoftChalk lessons include animations and activities to truly engage students with the course content.

Campus Liaison: Melba Acevedo