2017 – Westfield State University

Institution URL: http//www.westfield.ma.edu/

Instructor: David Christensen
Course: Biology Today
Semesters Offered: 2
Course Format: 

Course Description: BIOL 106 Biology Today is an introductory biology course for non-majors that covers the basics in cellular, molecular and developmental biology. The course is well organized, instructions are clear and the design is simple. Dr. Christensen personalizes this course with brief video lectures, instructions and discussions that help provide a comfortable learning atmosphere that connects the student to the instructor. Virtual laboratory activities, videos, reading assignments and discussions all help to engage students in the topic of biology.

Instructor: Ziblim Abukari
Course: Human Behavior and the Social Environment
Semesters Offered: 2
Course Format: 

Course Description: HUMAN BEHAVIOR AND THE SOCIAL ENVIRONMENT I & II uses interactive modules to demonstrate how biopsychosocial theories can be used to understand human behavior and social functioning in social work practice. Professor Abukari’s year-long course involves students in various aspects of biopsychosocial assessment, the impact of the physical environment on social functioning, and the human life course. Built on a blended classroom model and incorporating some components of the flipped classroom model, professor Abukari utilizes the online component to introduce course concepts.

Campus Liaison: Lynn Zayac