2018 – Donald Kilguss

College: Bristol Community College
Instructor: Donald Kilguss

Course: HST 114 U. S. History from 1877
Semesters Offered: 16
Course Format: Online
Course Description: Students rave about Professor Kilguss’ course structure, the lecture notes and audio lectures he provides, and his clear course outcomes and expectations. As one student said: “What I loved possibly more than his wonderful lecture notes was his use of outside sources (images, videos, etc.) which sparked an interest in history in me that I didn’t know could have existed.” Professor Kilguss truly is “a professor that all professors should strive to be” and it is for this reason that BCC is proud to recognize his HST 114 U. S. History from 1877 fully online course as a Course of Distinction.

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April Bellafiore