2019 – Elizabeth Butin

College: Holyoke Community College
Instructor: Elizabeth Butin
Course: Introduction to Forensic Science (non-majors)
Semesters Offered: 7+
Course Format: Online

Course Description: 4 cr This course is intended for non-science majors. The course covers basic techniques used in criminalistics. Topics include: types of physical, chemical, and biological evidence: the legal system and forensic science; and crime scene processing. Virtual and hands-on laboratories allow students the opportunity to identify, examine, and assess forensic evidence using various physical, chemical, and biological techniques. Note: This course does not count towards the Forensic Science major. Forensic Science majors must take FRS 101. Students can not receive credit for both FRS 100 and FRS 101.
Link to Video Tour: Click Here

Campus Liaison: Michael Kowalewski