COD Classroom 1 – Session 3 – 2 Presentations
1- Principles of Macroeconomics (Online)
2- Human Growth & Development (Online)

Presentation 1 Description:

Principles of Macroeconomics (Online)
Rosario Basay

Professor Rosario Basay’s fully online ECN 111 Principles of Macroeconomics uses a variety of technologies and techniques to fully engage students. Her use of VoiceThread presentations for lectures combined with Screencast-o-matic and other screen capture tools to provide a walkthrough of her online syllabus, course tools, and to provide a tutorial on “how to calculate your final grade” provides guidance to new and returning online learners. Her approach ensures students are aware of the course expectations and outcomes and have the skills they need to succeed in the online classroom.


Presentation 2 Description:

Human Growth & Development (Online)
Maryann Schroder

Human Growth and Development explores the human life cycle in its physical, cognitive, and social aspects. The course does excellent work to sustain engaged instructor presence through highly effective, mutually-supporting design and structural choices in the LMS, including: content organization, module progression, regular weekly “recap” announcements, and self-assessment exercises.