COD Classroom 2 – Session 3 – 2 Presentations
1- Public Health Preparedness (Hybrid)
2- Elementary Statistics (Online)

Presentation 1 Description:

Public Health Preparedness (Hybrid)
Patricia Demers

This dynamic course uses OER – free government resources, articles, instructor-created lecture notes, presentations and videos – giving students a wide variety of instructional materials that address different learning styles.
Taking full advantage of the flipped classroom model, students prepare for class by identifying three new things learned from readings, defining two specific terms, and listing one question about a new topic.The instructor can focus class presentations on areas requiring clarification. This sets the tone for shared responsibility between the students and faculty.


Presentation 2 Description:

Elementary Statistics (Online)
Jesse Johnson

This exemplary online course in Elementary Stats is simply structured into natural week-long units, each covering one important concept in statistics. Each week, the students complete a homework assignment on a free online homework system, WeBWorK, a written homework assignment, an Excel case study, a two-part discussion forum that analyzes a modern, real-life statistic, and a quiz. Most of these assignments provide immediate feedback to the student and are automatically graded. I’ve created course videos I’ve created on using Excel and that supplement the text.