COD Classroom 2 – Session 1 – 2 Presentations
1- Introduction to Forensic Science (Online)
2- Statistics (Online)

Presentation 1 Description: 

Introduction to Forensic Science (Online)
eth Butin

This course is intended for non-science majors. The course covers basic techniques used in criminalistics. Topics include: types of physical, chemical, and biological evidence: the legal system and forensic science; and crime scene processing. Virtual and hands-on laboratories allow students the opportunity to identify, examine, and assess forensic evidence using various physical, chemical, and biological techniques.


Presentation 2 Description: 

Statistics (Online)
Aisha Arroyo

Professor Arroyo’s media and real-life scenarios make this online course relevant to student’s today. The guided videos use Mayer’s principles of multimedia; chunking content, personalization, voice, and the modality principle (students learn better with graphics and narration together). Discussion posts and problem sets allow students to learn from each other. Formative assessment and the final project require students to communicate, analyze, and interpret statistical data through written, oral, and visual methods, making this an authentic assessment.