COD Classroom 3 – Session 3 – 2 Presentations
1- Racial & Ethnic Minorities (Hybrid)
2- Computer Graphics 2 (Hybrid)

Presentation 1 Description:

Racial & Ethnic Minorities (Hybrid)
Stacy Evans

Professor Evans’s SOC-216 course utilizes in-class active learning strategies and weekly online assignments and activities to create a dynamic blended learning experience for students. The student who nominated this course described the Moodle site as “a map to the class as it navigated you through the semester day by day, which was really helpful to see progress and track my grading, attendance, attitude etc.” Professor Evans uses wikis, discussion forums, quizzes, assignments, and many other tools to encourage extensive student interaction in both small and large groups.


Presentation 2 Description:

Computer Graphics 2 (Hybrid)
Barbara Keim

Computer Graphics II a blended course, students create a full magazine in either print/online/web versions from cover to cover and they create tutorials, software/ hardware evaluations, advertising campaigns, logo and digital illustration collages and assemblage work.
Students work in groups in person creating digital and campaigns, or social media content simulating a real creative team effort. Students adjust and affect projects posted in discussion making for rich student interaction.