COD Classroom 3 – Session 2 – 2 Presentations
1- Elementary Portuguese I (Online)
2- Ethical & Legal Issues for the School Counselor (Hybrid)

Presentation 1 Description:

Elementary Portuguese I (Online)
Fausta Boscacci

This course is distinctive for how it provides learners with multiple opportunities to track their learning progress with timely feedback, including in written and oral assignments. Video assignments allow students to demonstrate orally their emerging Portuguese language skills. The video assignments are modeled by Prof. Boscacci. A weekly blog, written assignments and quizzes also contribute to a varied series of activities, all of which encourage active learning.


Presentation 2 Description:

Ethical & Legal Issues for the School Counselor (Hybrid)
April Megginson

This blended course provides future school counselors with a comprehensive examination of pertinent ethical issues and laws pertaining to their work in schools. The online portion of the course includes developing a professional e-portfolio and designing a Choose Your Own Ethical Adventure game. During the in-person portion, students create infographics to synthesize information in a visual format and participate in online scavenger hunts to become aware of available resources. Students build technical skills and integrate these skills into their future work as school counselors.