COD Category Descriptions

COD Category 1, Delivery method: 

  • Online Asynchronous – (no mandatory real time required class meetings)

  • Online Synchronous –  (students meet online in real time via video conferencing)

  • Hybrid/Blended  – (asynchronous online and synchronous in-person on campus)

  • HyFlex –  (multi-modal course offers student’s  choice on how to attend class;  online synchronous via web conferencing,  in-person or asynchronous participation).

COD Category 2, Innovative Features:

  • Open Education Award – This Award goes to Faculty who are using Open Education resources and tools in their class.  This Instructor is supporting inclusivity by helping students access class resources at no cost while still providing equitable and robust content.

  • Tech Whiz Award – This Award goes to Faculty who are using software, hardware and/or multimedia technology to foster student learning in the online/hybrid/synchronous classroom. The use of this technology should promote ease of learning, efficiency of use, subjective satisfaction, usability and accessibility.

  • Video Innovator Award –  This Award goes to Faculty that create video to inspire, motivate and/or call the Learner to action.  Some examples include, “the Introduction Video”, the “new weekly topic video”, “demonstration” video, assignment and project feedback video, student-created videos, concise video lessons, etc.

  • Universal Design, Inclusivity & Accessibility Award – This Award goes to the Faculty member/s that illustrate examples within their course of these key principles of course design.

  • Creating a CoP Award (Community of Practice) – This Award goes to Faculty who use an innovative pedagogical technique or strategy to create a community of practice in their course.  The criteria is “a class who shares a common concern, set of problems, or a topic interest and who come together to fulfill both individual and group goals”.