April Bellafiore Contributor of Distinction (COD) 2021

A photo of April Bellafiore speaking at a conference


April Bellafiore


The 2021 MCO Contributor of Distinction is awarded to April Bellafiore

April was a member of MCO from 2006- 2019 while serving as the Dean of Online Learning at Bristol Community College.

During this time, she was extremely active and served on various MCO working groups, committees, and additionally held numerous leadership positions.

April has served on many conference committees, serving as co-chair, vendor chair, and on the presentation committee, along with any other work or job that was needed to run a successful conference – she volunteered! She was also interested in strategic planning and co-chaired the MCO’s first Strategic Planning Retreat.

April served as co-chair of MCO for 4 years. During this time she co-chaired the second Strategic Planning Retreat on the master plan for re-envisioning MCO. She worked tirelessly to obtain the funding for a new Student Course Portal with the aim to make access seamless and attainable for all. This student portal website allows state community colleges and universities to share their convenient and flexible online courses, programs, and degrees with students throughout the state and beyond its borders.

Students can explore the site and learn how Mass Colleges Online can help them begin or continue their higher education, improve their job skills, and expand their opportunities.

Student Portal Website: https://www.mco.mass.edu/
Hundreds of hours went into the planning and design of this website, and

April additionally assisted with the new organizational website: http://masscollegesonline.org/

As co-chair she met and worked with state leadership from Dr. Carlos Santiago, the Commissioner of Higher Education, the Council of Presidents, and Work Force Development leaders to inform them of the leadership role and services that MCO was providing to the state higher education landscape and what MCO institutions could provide in the future.

I proudly present the 2021 Contributor of Distinction to April, my fellow co-chair and friend.
She is most deserving to receive this award.