Call for Proposals

The deadline to submit a proposal is May  15, 2021
Conference presentation ADA

All proposals must be submitted online.

The Conference Committee encourages the submission of proposals that support the following topics:

  • Teaching and eLearning
  • Humanizing Online learning
  • Innovative Applications of Technology
  • Academic and Administrative Support
  • Best Practices in Managing eLearning programs
  • Cyber Internet Security
  • Vendor Presentations

Please utilize the following guidelines to submit a conference presentation proposal.

You will be asked to provide:

    • Title of Program (7 word maximum)
    • Primary Presenter/ contact
    • Summary (500 Characters maximum)
    • Presentation Format
    • Presentation
    • Panel discussion
    • Brain Storm Session
  • Hands-on workshop
  • Technology Requirements
  • Special Accommodations Required
  • New Presentation- Format Brain Storm
    Facilitate a round table discussion on a variety of topics impacting online learning on campus.
  • Vendors who are registered to participate in the conference can present on their products or services. Though it is possible to present individually, vendors are encouraged to partner with faculty or staff with firsthand experience with the product or service.

Brain Storm- Topic Ideas/ Examples

MCO 2018 Presentations/ Examples

MCO 2017 Presentations Type/Examples

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